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Top 15 Assets as at 30 June 2020

IPIF Asset Perth Airport

1. Perth Airport

Perth Airport is Australia’s fourth-largest airport by passenger traffic, and is the principal gateway to Western Australia.


Photo: T1 Domestic Pier, Source: Built Environs

IPIF Asset Melbourne Airport

2. Melbourne Airport

Australian Pacific Airports Corporation owns and operates Melbourne Airport and Launceston Airport. Melbourne Airport is Australia’s second largest international airport and is a key driver of Victoria’s economic growth.


Photo: Plane landing Source:

IPIF Asset TransGrid

3. TransGrid

TransGrid operates the largest high-voltage electricity transmission network in Australia, stretching along the east coast of Australia from Queensland to Victoria, the network links the three most-populous states in Australia.


Photo: TransGrid power lines in western Sydney. Image: Renee Nowytarger Source:News Corp Australia

IPIF Asset Port of Newcastle

4. Port of Newcastle

Port of Newcastle is the largest port on the East Coast of Australia. As a global trade gateway for more than 220 years, the port delivers safe, sustainable and efficient logistics solutions.


Photo Source:

IPIF Asset Australian Registry Investments

5. Australian Registry Investments

Australian Registry Investments is the sole provider of essential land and property services in New South Wales and maintains a secure and efficient guaranteed systems of land ownership.


Photo: Sydney suburbs, Image: Zetter, Source:

IPIF Asset Queensland Airports Limited

6. Queensland Airports Limited

Queensland Airports Limited is an accomplished airport operator that owns and operates Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa and Longreach airports.


Photo Source:

IPIF Asset Porterbrook

7. Porterbrook Rolling Stock

Porterbrook is a major owner of rolling stock in the United Kingdom, specialising in the leasing of passenger and freight trains.


Photo source:

IPIF Asset North Queensland Airports

8. North Queensland Airports

North Queensland Airports group owns and operates Cairns and Mackay Airports, which welcome passengers from around Australia and world into North Queensland.


Photo Source: iStock Photo – Cairns Airport

IPIF Asset Patriot Rail and Ports

9. Patriot Rail & Ports

Patriot Rail & Ports is a leading operator of short line and regional freight railroads, rail services, and integrated port logistics companies throughout the United States.


Photo Source:

IPIF Asset ElectraNet

10. ElectraNet

ElectraNet owns and operates the transmission network throughout South Australia, consisting of 5,600 km of high voltage transmission lines to end users.


Photo source:

IPIF Asset South East Water

11. South East Water

South East Water is the largest water-only company by regulated capital value in England and Wales. South East Water provides water to approximately 2.2 million people in the South of England. The asset is regulated by the United Kingdom water regulator Ofwat and operates under a perpetual licence.


Photo Source:

IPIF Asset First Gas

12. First Gas

First Gas owns and operates gas transmission and distribution networks in the North Island of New Zealand. Its networks consist of the entire gas transmission system, comprising a high pressure gas transmission system and a gas distribution system.


Photo Source:

IPIF Asset Phoenix Natural Gas

13. Phoenix Natural Gas

Phoenix Natural Gas is the largest gas distribution company in Northern Ireland, providing gas in excess of 200,000 domestic and business customers, in the Greater Belfast and Larne regions, representing a penetration rate of around 65% of total available properties.


Photo Source: Energy Case Study – Phoenix Natural Gas

IPIF Asset Sydney Desal Plant

14. Sydney Desalination Plant

Sydney Desalination Plant is Sydney’s only non-rainfall dependent source of drinking water and can supply the city with 15% of its water needs when fully operational.


Photo source:

IPIF Asset Brisbane Airport

15. Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland and Australia’s third largest airport by passenger volume, handling 23.6 million passengers in FY18.


Photo: Aerial of Brisbane Airport Source: Brisbane Airport Corporation

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