Bet you’ve never seen
investments like this before

Until now, it has been difficult for everyone but mega-investors such as pooled super funds and specialist asset managers to access the stable returns of unlisted infrastructure. We thought maybe you’d like to have access to these investments too. That’s what the Core Infrastructure Fund is all about.

We like to think we’re making the world a bit fairer

High-net-worth individuals, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), and smaller wholesale investors were largely excluded due to minimum investment thresholds of up to $25 million in some cases. In some cases, the funds we are invested in are closed to any new investors.


The Core Infrastructure Fund is specifically designed to overcome these barriers and provide simple, low-cost access to quality infrastructure investments.

How do we get you in?

Simple. The Core Infrastructure Fund aggregates capital from diversification-minded investors like you. This enables us to meet the minimum investment thresholds. And at the same time is a little something we call “risk-adjusted” because we provide widely diversified exposure to 60 essential infrastructure assets. Such a portfolio would take decades to build if you were to start from scratch.

There are still qualifications, but they’re not nearly as limiting as before

Access to the Core Infrastructure Fund is open to sophisticated individual investors, family offices, SMSFs, and institutional investors with $2.5 million or more in net assets or an annual income of $250,000 or more. The minimum investment is $50,000.

As an individual or family office investor, you can diversify with concrete, real world assets.

As an SMSF manager, you can grow your retirement fund without losing sleep.

As an institutional investor, you can access assets in closed funds at a very reasonable fee.

Real. Concrete. Investments.