Elizabeth Investor Relations, IPIF

Elizabeth van Rooyen, Investor Relations

Investor relations. People person. Let’s get together.

Hi Elizabeth. We have to ask. Are you related to Jonathan?

Not at all! We’re both descended from South Africa so maybe some distant relative? We arm-wrestled to see who had to change their name but it was a draw.


Have you got an elevator speech?

I have an investor relations and origination background, which complements the portfolio management and asset management experience the rest of the team brings. They like to call me a human API (Application Program Interface). I’m the liaison between the hard core financials and real, everyday people who just want to invest wisely and sleep well at night.


Can you tell us a bit about your background experience?

Sure. I have experience in fundraising, investor relations, and investment origination across ANZ, Asia, the US, and the UK. My degree is in Business Management from the International College of Management, Sydney. I also studied venture capital at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.


What sparked your interest in unlisted investments?

You could say I’m slowly making my way around the unlisted alternatives market. I began my investments career working in private equity, then moved over to venture capital in New Zealand. I moved back to Australia in 2019 to join the Invest Unlisted infrastructure effort.


What sort of venture capital work did you do in New Zealand?

I co-founded a venture capital advisory firm called Balgarnie van Rooyen. It was designed to get Kiwi start-ups investment-ready and source capital from offshore investors.


What do you like about alternative investments?

They’re more difficult to get access to, which makes them all the more exciting.


What about infrastructure. How did you come to focus on that?

Honestly, through Nicole! I worked with her when I started in the industry, so when I moved back to Australia it was a no brainer to get involved with Invest Unlisted. I get to work with the only fund in ANZ that is bridging the gap between an incredible asset class and investors who wouldn’t be able to access to it otherwise. How cool is that?


So, why work on behalf of smaller investors? Isn’t the big money in institutional investing?

That’s exactly why. There are hundreds of thousands of investors who aren’t ultra wealthy decamillionaires. They deserve access to an asset class that has been preserving and growing wealth for institutional investors for decades.


Can you describe your business philosophy in one word?

People. Business is about people working together. And every relationship is a two-way street. Just as potential clients need to learn about us and what we offer, I love truly understanding what makes our investors tick.

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