Nicole CEO, IPIF

Nicole Connolly, Co-Founder & Partner

Saw the gap. Created the fund. Sets company direction.

Hi Nicole. Have you got an elevator speech?

Sure. I’ve got more than 20 years of experience in superannuation and funds management. I started Invest Unlisted when I realised many investors had no way of getting access to the increasingly attractive unlisted infrastructure asset class.


What sparked your interest in unlisted investments?

Prior to establishing Invest Unlisted, I was the Director of Alternative Assets at Russell Investments. Before that, I was Head of Alternative Investments at Telstra Super, one of Australia’s largest corporate superannuation funds. So I guess you could say I’m into alternative investments.


What do you like about them?

They’re a little more edgy and exciting but can be highly stable and reliable.


What about infrastructure. How did you come to focus on that?

Throughout my career, I’ve spent a lot of time designing, implementing, and managing infrastructure programs for institutional investors in Australia. The sheer size of infrastructure investments intrigued me and sparked an interest to dig deeper. The next thing I knew, I had all of this knowledge and experience in the asset class.


So, why focus on the everyday investor?

It just made sense. I mean, we all live amongst these assets every day. We ride the trains, use electricity, jet off to holidays from the airports. Why shouldn’t more of us be able to benefit from the investments? Why shouldn’t they be helping to fund our retirements?


Can you describe your business philosophy in one word?

Only one word? Okay, relationships. It’s a little cliché but people really are at the heart of everything I do. Short-term, transactional business isn’t really my thing.


What does your portfolio management experience look like?

Let’s see, I’m currently Partner at Invest Unlisted, obviously. I managed Telstra Super’s alternatives investment portfolio for 10 years. And as a member of the Model Portfolio Committee (MPC) at Russell Investments, I helped determine Strategic Asset Allocation for Russell’s Consulting Clients.


How about your investment and asset management chops?

I have managed a wide range of alternative investments including private equity, infrastructure, and hedge funds. I have extensive experience in portfolio manager due diligence and selection, including for the funds in the Invest Unlisted Core portfolio: UTA, GDIF, ADIT, and TIF.


Have you got any advice for potential Invest Unlisted Core Fund investors?

Call us! Give us the chance to show you why unlisted infrastructure is worth considering.

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