Sean Investment Specialist, IPIF

Sean Kim, Investment Director

Infrastructure scrutiny. Deep dives. Just the facts.

Hi Sean. What’s your elevator speech?

Hi. I’m an Investment Director for Invest Unlisted. I joined the firm in 2019 with 8 years of relevant experience in infrastructure investment and advisory arenas. I’ve worked closely with Jonathan for over 10 years and I am passionate about the Invest Unlisted vision.


What is your back story? Where did you hone your skills?

Prior to joining Invest Unlisted, I managed asset valuations for a $2.5 billion unlisted infrastructure fund called The Infrastructure Fund. I also worked as a Senior Associate at Hastings Funds Management on several infrastructure assets, including ElectraNet and Sydney Desalination Plant. I was an analyst for the US$200 million Korean Government’s National Pension Service Corporate Partnership Fund.


You’ve got Director on your CV as well, correct?

Yes. I was a Director of Port of Newcastle Property Trust for one year.


So you probably know everything there is to know about infrastructure assets…

Well, I definitely know a lot about the Port of Newcastle, North Queensland Airports, Perth Airport, ElectraNet (South Australia’s transmission network), the Sydney Desalination Plant, Ballarat Water, and lots of others. I’d be really good at an unlisted infrastructure trivia game.


You’ve got a bit of market development in your background too?

Oh, yes. I was a member of the Hastings Asia Team that established the Hastings Korea office.


Can you describe your business philosophy in one word?

I’d have to say …unemotional.

Real. Concrete. Investments.