Invest Unlisted’s
story is a classic one

In 2015, we noticed an unsightly gap in the investment market. Regular, everyday investors couldn’t get into unlisted infrastructure. It was off limits because the thresholds for investment were too high. So we set about designing a product to fill the gap.


Today, our Core Infrastructure Fund – which aggregates investments in select specialist funds – gives investors like you access to coveted unlisted infrastructure assets that used to be the the sole realm of large institutions and financiers. We think that’s a very good thing.

We’re set up for simplicity

Invest Unlisted currently manages almost $600 million in investments, with a focus on steady, long-term growth. We are independently owned. And we hold investments in the fund ourselves. Because there’s nothing that keeps your eye on the ball better than having some skin in the game.

We’re really into infrastructure

Our directors are independent financial managers with a breadth and depth of experience in the infrastructure asset class, investment strategy, manager selection, and portfolio construction. We spend our days researching highly specialist managers and their infrastructure assets across numerous regulatory jurisdictions around the world.

Jonathan CIO, IPIF
Meet Jonathan

our Partner & CIO

Sean, IPIF Investment Specialist
Meet Sean

Investment Director

We’re backed by top industry pros

We’ve also got a savvy Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) made up of top financial services professionals. Their role is to provide input and guidance for investments that require approval from the Invest Unlisted board.

Affordable fees keep it real

You’ll actually pay less to participate in the Core Infrastructure Fund than if you were to invest directly in some of our underlying funds. To get specifics on your individual case, give us a call.

Invest Unlisted Management Fee: 0.55%

Service Provider Fees: Minimal

Real. Concrete. Investments.