Go ahead, invest in the real world

Full of possibilities, these newly available infrastructure assets have, in our opinion, the highest chance of delivering consistently strong returns over time.

Top 10 Assets as at 30 September 2022

1 Perth Airport 12.6%
2 AusNet 8.6%
3 ElectraNet 7.5%
4 Melbourne Airport 6.8%
5 TransGrid 6.2%
6 FirstEnergy Transmission 4.6%
7 Australian Registry Investments 3.9%
8 Queensland Airports Limited <5%
9 Royal Adelaide Hospital 3.4%
10 North Queensland Airports <5%
Top 10 Total 60.7%

Our philosophy is simple and solid

At Invest Unlisted, we care about giving people access to solid, long-term investments that they might not be able to get into any other way. In choosing investments for our fund, we focus on the quality of the underlying assets. How is the manager keeping track of maintenance and updates? How close to the assets are they? Staying vigilant about the valuations gives us confidence in their ability to return a steady cash flow for years to come.

You’re standing at the forefront of modern investing

Just as other industries are turning toward more sustainable practices, so too is the financial world. Right now, the wider investment community is beginning to view these concrete assets as essential and lasting investments. Investments that can – and should – serve us for the long term. In bringing this opportunity to you, Invest Unlisted is leading the way.

The threshold to get into these funds was too high for many investors. We fixed that.

We manage around $325 million in funds for thoroughly modern investors like you.

Real. Concrete. Investments.