Invest Unlisted is the infrastructure piece you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve dedicated many a late night to shaping impressive portfolios for your investors. Huddling with advisors. Watching the markets. Tweaking weightings. And taking the occasional chance on something exciting and new.


Chances are, along the way, you’ve also been keeping an eye on infrastructure—its risk-adjusted growth potential, low volatility, steady returns, robust demand, and competition that’s limited by a high barriers to entry. Maybe you’re ready to invest but waiting for the right opportunity to arise, or watching for capital to be deployed.

Gather your team and give them the good news.

With the Core Infrastructure Fund, infrastructure finally makes sense. Away from the mood-driven markets and rooted in stone, these solid, unlisted investments can deliver the long-term growth and income piece you may need to balance out your clients’ more conventional holdings.

There’s wisdom in going with a fund of funds.

The asset consultants you count on to deliver sage advice are bound to have questions. “Why not invest directly?”… “Are the fees compounded?”… “Won’t you be spreading yourself thin?”… “What do we know about the actual holdings?” Our answers may surprise you.

Reasonable Fees


Because low fees for some of our funds offset the more expensive ones, investing with us costs less than if you were to invest in several of the funds directly.

Curated Assets


The Core Infrastructure Fund is a collection of 33 well-managed assets, so your exposure is limited and easy to follow.

Double Due Diligence


We’re specialists in infrastructure funds and asset analyses. So are the managers of the funds we’re in. Which means you get double the due diligence on your investment with us.

“Infrastructure is more important than architecture.”

– Rem Koolhas

“There’s 20 companies that I have investments in – some batteries, some solar-thermal, one big nuclear thing. We need hundreds and hundreds of companies like that, so that in a 20-year time frame we really are starting to change the energy infrastructure.”

– Bill Gates

“Predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.”

– Warren Buffett

Investments don’t get any more real than this.

While traditional real estate investments offer exciting potential for growth and income, they can be affected by the volatility of economic cycles and the moods of the rental marketplace. This creates a very different yield profile than that of infrastructure, which doesn’t share the same exposure.


Essential, core infrastructure – such as airports, seaports, roads, and railways – acts as a well diversified complement to the property and other investments in your portfolio. With lifetimes of up to 100 years and ongoing maintenance required, these real, concrete assets have long-term embedded value.

We created the Core Infrastructure Fund to help Institutional investors like you access the attractive returns that infrastructure has historically delivered.

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