We’ll do concrete and
conservative. You do you.

Let’s face it. You’re not mainstream anything. You didn’t get where you are today by hiding in the crowd. You took calculated risks based on personal instincts, years of experience, and sage advice from trusted specialists.


When preserving your wealth rises in importance, those same advisors may suggest you hedge your bets with a few more conservative allocations. That’s where Invest Unlisted could help. With a history of steady, reliable returns the Core Infrastructure Fund provides the solid, long-term growth you need. So you can continue to look for the kinds of opportunities that make you you.

There are perks to being a fund of funds.

We get a lot of questions about the fact that we’re a fund of funds. Before investing, many of our current investors asked if the fees from all of the funds are compounded. They were concerned about spreading their money over too many assets. And they wondered what kind of research we did that led to our choice of funds.

Reasonable Fees


Because low fees for some of our funds offset the more expensive ones, investing with us costs less than if you were to invest in several of the funds directly.

Curated Assets


The Core Infrastructure Fund is a collection of 32 well-managed assets, so your exposure is limited and easy to follow.

Double Due Diligence


We’re specialists in infrastructure funds and asset analyses. So are the managers of the funds we’re in. Which means you get double the due diligence on your investment with us.

Invest Unlisted Core rounds out your property holdings.

Some may view unlisted infrastructure as having similar characteristics to traditional real estate investments. But the two can behave very differently. Essential, core infrastructure – such as energy transmission and distribution networks and water utilities – isn’t exposed to market highs and lows like the commercial and residential real estate market. With lifetimes of up to 100 years, these real, concrete assets are more likely to behave like steady, income generating investments, and can complement your existing real estate holdings well.

Rather than compounding costs, the Core Infrastructure Fund offers lower fees than would be incurred by investing directly in selected funds.

The Core Infrastructure Fund adds staying power to your portfolio. It may take a little longer to access the liquidity, but that’s the point.

With a diverse selection of assets in a range of industries and regions, the Core Infrastructure Fund is a solid tool for portfolio diversification.

We created the Core Infrastructure Fund to help you access the proven returns of infrastructure without the hassle of meeting absurdly high thresholds. To find out if the Core Infrastructure Fund is right for you, contact us, get qualified, or attend a discussion in your area.

Share the Core Infrastructure Fund with your investment team or portfolio advisor.

To find out more about the Core Infrastructure Fund, contact us, get qualified, or attend a discussion in your area.

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