Unlisted infrastructure adds balance to your portfolio

Big and bold, yet practical, infrastructure pairs well with your equities.
Sure. It’s exciting to pour over the flashy returns of those star-studded equities, bonds, and property holdings. But adding a healthy dose of essential infrastructure to the mix could prove downright prescient.

“Just keeping pace with projected global GDP growth will require an estimated $57 trillion in infrastructure investment between now and 2030.”

– McKinsey Global Institute.

Unlisted infrastructure is one of those decisions you’ll look back on with pride and find yourself recommending again and again. In a world where stocks, bonds, options, futures, and the like are “concepts,” it’s nice to be able to back real, concrete structures—investments you can see.

Durable & Tangible

Historically stable, and predictable returns, are the result of development projects and well-regulated existing assets. Assets like the electrical grid you draw from daily to charge your modern lifestyle. Or that magnificent new bridge, road, or airport the government just okayed.

Regulated & Diversified

Well-honed regulations and government oversight maintain the quality and longevity of our infrastructure assets. What’s more, an investment in the Core Infrastructure Fund is incredibly diverse. Our fund managers invest in roads, rail, seaports, airports, power, water, telecom, and more.

Cool, Calm & Collected

With returns that aren’t strongly influenced by investor sentiment, infrastructure is a nice complement to your more mood-driven investments. Because its assets aren’t listed on the exchanges, our fund has a tendency to remain poised when sentiment dips and shares rollercoaster.

Adjusted for Risk

All investments carry some risk. In the case of infrastructure, unexpected regulatory changes can have an impact on asset valuations. Reduced usage – fewer passengers using an airport, for example – can affect values as well. Our analysts, and those at the underlying funds, keep a close eye out for signs of these events. Moreover, our rich range of assets ensures that you’re never over-exposed in any one category.

Good For Society, Too

Unlisted infrastructure is a long-term, steady, growth investment with historically attractive yields. Concrete assets like these can last for up to 100 years. That’s good news for you. Perhaps most importantly, infrastructure stimulates growth, which produces socio-economic benefits for everyone. That’s good for all of us.

“Infrastructure is the cornerstone of a stable and productive society.”

– McKinsey Global Institute.

Real. Concrete. Investments.